Korčula – Town Museum

It’s easy to see why the explorer Marco Polo would have been drawn back to his native town Korčula. Whether he was a famous explorer or a legend, Korčula proudly claims to be his birthplace. There is no doubting the beauty of the place, a mosaic of terracotta rooftops encircled by medieval walls and punctuated by church spires, jutting out into the cobalt blue of the Adriatic with the majestic Pelješac mountains as a backdrop.

In 1214, Korčula Old Town established a Statute abolishing slavery – making it the first town in the world to do so (only cities of Venice and London did so earlier).

Surrounded by the sea, with such splendid architecture and history; cafes, art galleries and shops, picture perfect Korčula Old Town is a world of its own!

A fabled history, rich cultural traditions, gorgeous bays, lovely villages, a rugged, wild interior and some of the best wine anywhere on the planet make Korčula a unique jewel among Mediterranean islands.