Pelješac peninsula – Empire of Wine

About Pelješac peninsula

Pelješac is a synonym for good wine. It is associated with Dingač and Postup and protected geographical locations. It is an area in which plavac mali reigns, but also all the other natural riches that hard-working hands transform into prosecco, liqueurs, rakija, and virgin olive oil.
Pelješac is a synonym for the highest quality shellfish. Oysters and mussels from the Mali Ston bay are appreciated around the world, then there is the richness of fish from two seas: small sea (shallow and warm) and large sea (spacious and deep), and homemade products from family-owned agro tourism – all lead you to a unique gastronomic world.
And natural beauty – beautiful beaches, hidden covers, a clean sea, and pristine nature, the aroma of medicinal plants will lead you to a region that is rarely found today. The slopes of the vineyards, the most spectacular of which are at Dingač, provide a unique view, as do the other scenic overlooks, such as the one at the Franciscan monastery Our Lady in Orebić on St. Eliah hill.
Culture and Civilization have resided on Pelješac for a long time. Life has thrived here since the Stone Age and antiquity, This important comer of the Mediterranean has lived through the centuries under the influence off many cultures that have left their marks. Here you will find a salt pan from the second century B.C. – the longest in Europe – and harmonious small towns and settlements with a multitude of beautiful medieval churches and monasteries. The Maritime Museum testifies to the celebrated seafaring tradition of Pelješac.